National missionaries are more effective in the villages, because they already know the language;
they easily adapt to the local culture and can live comfortably in the rural settings.
Their simple lifestyle attracts the poor villagers and the presentation of the gospel is more effective.
We want to train the best workers possible to accomplish the task of reaching the lost of India and then to have dedicated pastors to teach those new converts how to live for Christ. Our great vision for the future is to train 5,000 national workers as pastors, evangelists and missionaries; and to plant 10 new congregations each year in the villages of India. There is a great need for efficient, faithful and dedicated workers for the northern Indian villages. Many thousands of villages are without a single missionary; they are waiting for our outreach. We need your prayers and financial support for this great need. Are you willing to sponsor one or more national missionaries?


We send national missionaries because:

(1) They already know the languages

(2) They know the culture

(3) They are accepted by the local people more easily

(4) They can live more economically.


Mobilizing the vision of 2 Timothy 2:2, our goal is to train faithful men and women who will go out and train others. We believe it will be Indians that reach India for Christ. The Missionary Training Centers are life changing and ministry transforming. The training sessions are especially designed for the rural undereducated nationals of India. Missionary Training Centers have been a vital part of the ministry of reaching souls from the beginning. Since the nationals have easy access to their own people, it becomes imperative for the nationals to be equipped to disciple, evangelize, start churches and maintain a healthy spiritual family life.
The Missionary Training Centers have intense classroom study and field training. The schools have a continuous enrollment of 120 students; and there are always new prospects waiting for a chance to enroll. When a new pastor graduates, he along with an established pastor plants a new church.
In this way, the new pastor gets first-hand training which supports his classroom training. This makes for more effective ministry.


Children are neglected all over the world. International Gospel Missions has been working with under privileged children for several years. The Mercy Child Development Centers provide the children with an education, clothing and nurturing. The workers care for the children as if they were their very own. They offer training up to the high school level.
All the children are provided a faith-based atmosphere of loving and caring. Medical attention and health education are also among the many aspects of what the children are provided and taught.
Currently we have three Mercy Child Development Centers with 170 children enrolled. Through this ministry, poor and needy children are trained and given basic necessities. Hope is brought to these children by providing food, clothing and education. By providing for physical needs, we open the door to introduce them and their families to Jesus Christ. Through participation in the “child sponsor program” our prayer partners and supporters bring new life and hope to a child in need.


Of India’s 1.23 billion populations, 855 million live in the rural areas. There are 650,000 villages in India and only one third of them have been reached with the Gospel. God has placed a burden on our hearts to reach these perishing souls.
Our primary aim is to present Christ in the unreached villages of India. To do so, we hold Gospel meetings, with the showing of Biblical videos, musical presentations, home and hospital visitations, and so on. We also provide Bibles, tracts, and books to provide a further understanding of spiritual truths.
As a result, many have been saved and have become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The decision to become a Christian in India is not taken lightly as it frequently involves persecution and rejection by family and friends.


Our evangelists and Bible College graduates are ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the remote villages of India. The result is that many people are coming to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, and are being baptized. The new converts begin their commitment to Jesus in Bible study groups and services, which are held in the homes of other believers. As a congregation grows, a more suitable place of worship becomes a pressing need. We direct and support the local pastor with training and guidance, to assist him in successfully planting a healthy New Testament church.

With the help of this pastor and congregation we will be able to evangelize the surrounding villages within a few years and establish churches there.


The very real need for churches all across India has inspired IGM to set up our Church Building Program. As you can imagine, the task is daunting and materials are always at a premium. However, donations have made it possible to provide a newly constructed local church for the people.
Newly graduated students from the Bible School move into the area where a new church has been built and begin the work of bringing more and more people to Jesus. The inspiration of having a place to pray and worship close to where they live has added a large number of believers to the Kingdom. People do not have transportation in the village areas, so the closer they are to a church, the more likely they are to attend and then be reached for Jesus. To date, we have built 57 church buildings in the remote villages of India.

IGM is seeking compassionate people to invest in the ministry; by helping a needy congregation in a remote village to build a church building. The cost is only $5,000.00 and the building can be named after your church or be a memorial for an individual. A church building is a great investment for the Kingdom of God and helps accomplish the “Great Commission.”